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Pregnancy Labelling Initiative

Australian authorities advise that it is safest not to consume alcohol while pregnant or breast feeding, and for a number of years WFA has urged winemakers to include the internationally recognised “pregnant lady” pictogram on wine labels.

State and Federal Health Ministers will next year consider the issue of mandatory pregnancy warning labelling on all wine products for retail sale. The industry must be able to demonstrate it is approaching 100% adoption of the current voluntary labelling as promoted by Industry funded body, DrinkWise. A mandatory labelling decision, similar to that imposed on the tobacco industry, would be disastrous for our industry, and would inevitably lead to additional onerous labelling requirements.

Audit Report Front PageWFA has completed a review of the top 75% market share of wine products sold through major retail outlets and seen a very positive result – around 90% of products in the top 75% of market share carries the pregnancy warning logo. 

Read the Report here.  It is important that all winemakers adopt the logo on all products when label changeovers allow.



WFA is working with DrinkWise to increase the uptake of the pregnancy messaging and Get the Facts logos on alcohol products and packaging.

These logos are part of a series of education initiatives undertaken by DrinkWise, in partnership with the alcohol industry, to provide consumers with Government advice regarding the consumption of alcohol while pregnant.

The recent Government evaluation found that there are still some gaps in the uptake of the labelling messages. Between 47 and 99% of wine product labels, depending on price range, included the Get the Facts and pregnancy logos/messages. 

WFA understands the importance of the logos and is encouraging our members, if they haven’t already, to demonstrate commitment to the initiative by applying the logo to their labels as soon as possible. 

This link will take you to a Hightail file which includes the logos and a simple style guide (no need for a subscription). 

This is an important issue for all winemakers, and participation in this pregnancy labelling initiative is a core part of WFA’s broader Responsible Winery Initiative.  It is critical for the industry not only to meet Government and community expectations, but also to demonstrate its genuine commitment to support initiatives that promote appropriate alcohol consumption.  We encourage any winemakers not yet incorporating these messages into their products to do so.

The DrinkWise office is available for any questions you may have, on 03 9682 8641 and

If you require assistance or further information please contact WFA on 08 8133 4300 and



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