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Innovation Policy Committee

WFA and Wine Grape Growers Australia established the Innovation Policy Committee to ensure R&D, especially that funded by industry levies, delivers cost-effective outcomes that meet the current and future needs of the Australian grape and wine industry.


  • Brett McKinnon - Premium Wine Brands (Chair)
  • Justin Jarrett - Jarett Wines
  • Mardi Longbottom - Wine Grape Growers Australia (WGGA)
  • Liz Waters - Wine Australia
  • Jason Amos - Lallemand/Wisa
  • Dan Johnson - The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI)
  • Ashley Ratcliff - Yalumba Wine Company
  • Rob Bramley - CSIRO
  • Ashley Keegan - FABAL
  • Katherine Brown - Brown Brothers
  • Melanie Reddaway - Belvidere Winery (DogRidge Wine Company)


  • Tony Battaglene - Winemakers' Federation of Australia
  • Sandy Davis - Minute Secretary

Terms of Reference

The Innovation Policy Committee will represent Australian wine grape growers and winemakers. It will meet twice each year and at other times as required.

The IPC will provide recommendations and advice to the Boards of the WFA and WGGA with regard to research, development, extension and innovation for the Australian wine industry, and other related matters which may arise from time to time.

The advice will, inter alia, and as required, address:

  • Identifying research priorities for the Australian wine industry.
  • Policy issues related to R&D raised by the Australian government.
  • Provision of high level, strategic advice on AGWA activities, including input to its Annual Operation Plan and Five-Year plan.
  • Funding arrangements for grape and wine research in Australia.
  • Promoting the uptake of research outcomes by the Australian wine industry.
  • National and international, institutional and corporate collaboration to achieve optimal results for the Australian industry.
  • Oversight of the Wine Sector R,D & E Strategy.
  • Recommending potential candidates for Board positions of AGWA and AWRI.
  • Any other R&D related issues that requires a policy position from the wine sector.