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Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is an advisory Committee of WFA, which was re-formed in 2017, in place of the Innovation Policy Committee.

The role of the RAC is to provide broad recommendations and advice to the WFA and Australian Vignerons executive with regards to research, development, extension and innovation for the Australian wine industry. A key function of the committee includes advising Wine Australia of industry perspective on RD&E project proposals.

The RAC will comprise Australian wine grape growers and winemakers. It will meet at least twice each year and when required.


  • Rebekah Richardson - Irvine Wines (Chair)
  • Alison Soden – Treasury Wine Estates
  • Alex Sas – Accolade Wines
  • Kate Lattey – Pernod Ricard Winemakers
  • Anton Groffen - Wirra Wirra
  • Jason Amos - Lallemand
  • Prue Henschke - Henschke
  • Jim Caddy – Grape Grower 
  • Brett McClen - Brown Brothers


  • Tony Battaglene – Winemakers’ Federation of Australia
  • Liz Waters - Wine Australia
  • Anna Hooper - Australian Vignerons
  • Damien Griffante - Winemakers’ Federation of Australia
  • Sandy Davis - Minute Taker


The terms of reference for the RAC can be downloaded here.