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Industry Dynamics

WFA’s key role is to track and analyse industry dynamics, provide members with a strong evidentiary base on which to make business decisions, and advocate for Government policies and programs that will support the industry needs. 

A current priority is on the need to achieve sustainable profit levels that support long-term investments in innovation, production and brand building. 


Grape & Wine 2016/2017

The Australian wine industry continues to operate in a dynamic environment, constantly facing issues including the anti-alcohol lobby, health, legislative and tax issues.

It is imperative that the representative structure for the industry is efficient and collaborative in presenting a united voice with aligned objectives so that it can effectively drive the ongoing profitability and sustainability of the industry.

A review of the current representative structure was commissioned to address the ongoing concerns regarding the lack of a single voice for the industry, clarity of roles and responsibilities, governance and interactions. 

The Industry Reference Group met on 29 November 2016 to consider the consultant’s reports. There is still very little broader engagement in this project. The general view seems to be that the first and most important step to gain greater coordination is for a merger of Australian Vignerons and WFA. It is very clear that regional bodies do not see a need for structural change.

WFA will work with AV, AGWA, WISA and AWRI in the first instance to develop a common strategy for the industry.

See here for full details on Grape & Wine moving forward.


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