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Membership Categories & Levies

Australian Grape & Wine members range greatly in size, history and geographical location but have shared objectives and a common purpose. Between them they supply approximately 1 million tonnes of grapes and produce over 70% of Australia’s wine.

Membership of Australian Grape & Wine is open to individual Winegrape, Winemaking and Affiliate businesses throughout the greater supply chain of the Australian wine sector.

Australian Grape & Wine is an inclusive organisation that provides avenues for all members to become involved and achieve better outcomes for our sector.  As a member, you can directly influence policy decisions affecting the Australian wine sector.  Your membership broadens our representation of this wonderfully diverse sector, and your participation ensures we deliver for all, not just the few.

Australian Grape & Wine offers Members free or discounted rates to our WineSkills workshops and webinars.

These are challenging times for our sector.  From ever changing weather patterns and biosecurity threats, an anti-alcohol lobby which is both strong and well-funded, to a marketplace of uncertain, international, trading relationships and terms. There has never been a more compelling case to join Australian Grape & Wine.

2019 Membership Brochure

Australian Grape & Wine offers five types of memberships;

1. Wine Producers
2. Vignerons

3. Joint Membership with Queensland Wine Industry Association (QWIA)
4. Contract Grape and Wine Processors
5. Affiliate Membership

Wine Producers

Tonnage crush determines the membership category to which you belong:

Small Winemaker – up to 2,000 tonnes
Medium Winemaker – between 2,001 and 100,000 tonnes
Large Winemaker – above 100,000 tonnes

Levies are calculated on tonnage crush for producers up to 500 tonnes. For those whose production is above 500 tonnes the levy is calculated on domestic and export sales revenue:

20 tonnes and below


21 - 100 tonnes


101-500 tonnes

$455 plus $3 per tonne on production above 100 tonnes

Above 500 tonnes

$0.0012455 per dollar of gross domestic sales revenue plus
$0.000186 per dollar of gross export sales revenue



Winegrape producers who grow and supply grapes, but do not make or sell wine.

Levies are calculated on tonnes of fruit sold:

300 tonnes and below


300+ tonnes

$150 + 0.50/tonne sold



Joint Membership with Queensland Wine Industry Association (QWIA) 

Small wineries in Queensland (up to 2,000 tonnes) can seek joint membership under the Australian Wine Producers Small Winemaker membership category. Joint members will receive a $165 discount on their Grape & Wine membership levy (as above) plus the QWIA levy.

Contract Grape and Wine Processors

Membership levy is based on volume processed:

2,000 tonnes and below


2,001 to 10,000 tonnes


Above 10,000 tonnes



Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is available to organisations who do not produce wine but are closely associated with the wine sector. Affiliate Members support the Australian wine industry through the work of Australian Grape & Wine. 

Australian Grape & Wine offers promotional opportunities for Affiliate Members to connect to Australian winemakers through our various communications channels. 

Click on the individual link more information on Affiliate Membership Categories:

Full Member - $6685

Associate Member - $1670