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Compliance and licensing

This section, which was prepared for WFA by the wine team at Finlaysons Lawyers, looks at two key legal areas that you must be aware of when operating a cellar door outlet.

Liquor licensing
For the most part, compliance with liquor licensing law (once your licence is in place) is relatively straightforward. There are, however, several issues which frequently “trip up” both established businesses and those which are seeking to obtain a licence in order to start a business selling liquor to the public.

Sections: Introduction / Liquor licence options / State requirements / Practical challenges / Potential for civil liability / Steps to minimise risk / Ongoing issues

Occupiers' liability
A general description of the type of claim that is made in the situation where a visitor is injured on your premises, and seeks damages from you as the “occupier” of the premises to compensate for the injuries suffered.

Sections: Introduction / Steps to take

You can also download the content from both sections in PDF format.

All of the information in these two sections is based on the law as it stood as at April 2014. It is not intended to be a complete and definitive statement of the law and the information and views contained in it should not be regarded as a substitute for specific advice in individual situations. 

Further professional advice should be sought before applying the content of this paper to particular circumstances.


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