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Products and services

Think carefully about the range of products and services you will include in your tourism package and the time and resources that will be required to make sure you can maintain their quality and get a return on your investment.

The cellar door is the natural starting point and it is important to ensure you create a genuine cellar door experience and consider offering a range of wine and tasting options.

Beyond that there is the potential to offer food (which can be as simple as tastings of local produce) or tours of the winery and vineyard. Many visitors want to learn something about the wine they're drinking.

Taking a further step up, a tourism-oriented winery may look to branch out in to providing accommodation or even running events.

If your capital, or desire, doesn't stretch quite that far, consider simple adds on such as:

  • An Interpretative Centre – storyboards reflecting winemaking/viticulture/history, interactive technological displays, aroma stations
  • Exhibitions – Static or changeable, local artists, sales or viewing only, historical artefacts, sculpture

Don’t overlook the importance of offering merchandise, such as branded wine accessories and clothing, books, souvenirs, gifts, lifestyle related items

The ability to sell ancillary products and services not only provides an additional income stream, it can also go a long way towards covering overheads, thus making the primary business of selling wine more profitable.


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