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Cross-promotional opportunities

When considering partnership links and cross promotional opportunities with other local complimentary tourism businesses, assess carefully that the quality of their products and/or services mirrors the quality standards you apply within your own business.  If visitors encounter what they perceive as poor value in a product or service delivered by an operator that is cross promoted or linked with your operation through referrals, it can, through no fault of your own, leave visitors with an unfavourable impression of your business.

Examples of partnering/cross promotional mechanisms with local complimentary tourism business operators include:

  • Local accommodation providers – provide discount or value-add vouchers to select local accommodation providers for wine or merchandise product, specialised tutored tastings or cellar door experiences that visitors to your cellar door would normally pay for, enabling the accommodation providers to value add their product offering and in turn providing personal referral of the visitors from the accommodation provider to your cellar door.

  • Restaurants – negotiate with local restaurant(s)/food provider(s) to provide reciprocal incentives that can be offered to visitors to both businesses to encourage them to visit the other operator’s facilities. This example can be extended to virtually any type of local complimentary tourism/service operator , e.g. galleries, museums and retailers of almost any persuasion.  If there is some type of reciprocal voucher system in place, these types of referrals can be measured across time for their effectiveness and provide insights into more effective targeting of marketing activity and resources.

  • Other cellar doors –creation of localised wine trails and/or collective marketing campaigns.


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