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Advertising Code

Ensure you comply with the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code.


The Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) is the centrepiece of Australia’s quasi-regulatory system for alcohol advertising. It applies to advertisements in newspapers, magazines and social media, and on billboards, radio, television and websites. 

The Code and its guidelines have been negotiated with the Federal Government, which is represented on the ABAC Management Committee. 

The ABAC adjudication process – which is funded by, but independent of, the alcohol industry – is the recognised mechanism for addressing consumer complaints. ABAC considers complaints against all companies, even if they are not signatories to the Code.


It is simply a matter or reading and understanding the Code’s requirements and ensuring that everyone involved with creating and programming your advertising is aware of the need to comply with all components. 

ABAC also provides a fee-for service pre-vetting service that checks proposed advertising against the Code guidelines and reports on areas of concern (though it cannot guarantee compliance).

Advertisers also should be aware of the Australian Association of National Advertisers’ Code of Ethics. Visit


  • WFA has prepared a checklist as a first-step guide to help determine whether a proposed advertisement is like to breach ABAC’s provisions. You can read or download it here.

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