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Alcohol Policy

Develop a workplace alcohol policy.


All businesses have a legal duty of care to ensure that no-one working on their premises (employee or contractor) commences work while under the influence of alcohol.

Beyond this, a responsible business will have formal expectations around the consumption of alcohol at work-related functions (wherever they are held) and will ensure employees are provided with the latest information about alcohol and health.

A formal workplace alcohol policy helps you clarify your position and expectations and, if desired, set out how breaches of the policy will be addressed.


An alcohol policy need not be exhaustive but must be sufficient for all employees to understand how it affects them individually and collectively and to make appropriate decisions on behalf of the business. 

In the wine industry, a clear issue is whether a blanket “no alcohol consumption by staff on business premises” is appropriate, as it may stop some employees doing their jobs effectively.  Businesses may make exceptions to a policy, but should always make it clear who is covered by the exception and in what circumstances.

It is important to get your staff’s input during the development of the policy and ensure all receive a copy. 


  • WFA has developed a template you can use as a guide to create a policy relevant to your business. You can read or download it here.

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