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Consumer Information

Help consumers access the latest information on wine and health.


A winery’s commitment to consumers must extend beyond its own boundaries. Your cellar door and online presence provide the ideal environment and context for providing relevant information.

As responsible producers of alcoholic beverages, all wine companies should play their part in ensuring that consumers have access to up-to-date, evidence-based information about the effect of wine on health and the recommended guidelines for alcohol consumption.


There are two simple things wineries can do.

The first is to have basic information at the cellar door for visitors to read or take with them. As highlighted in Action 2, staff also should be trained to respond to common questions and refer people to more detailed information sources as appropriate.

The second is to link from a prominent and appropriate place on your website to the “Be Wine Wise” website ( WFA has created to provide consumers with the latest wine and health information and recommended alcohol consumption guidelines.

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