Commitment to Community: A respected consumer

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The Responsible Winery Initiative involves the following nine actions. None is difficult, time consuming or expensive. All make perfect sense.

Many wineries already have embraced most if not all of these actions. The aim of this initiative is to set a standard for the industry and assist all wineries to meet it.

The focus is on taking practical steps and on ensuring that winery personnel understand the core issues around alcohol consumption, wine’s place in that picture, and the way the wine industry is responding. 

In your winery

1.  Provide a standard tasting pour that helps consumers understand the concept of the “standard drink”.  Information and tools

2.  Ensure all cellar door personnel are trained to serve alcohol responsibly and respond to consumer questions. Information and tools

3.  Help consumers access the latest information on wine and health. Information and tools

4. Provide a genuine tasting experience at the cellar door. Information and tools

In your marketing

5. Sign up to the WFA/DrinkWise Pregnancy Labelling Initiative. Information and tools

6. Use the recognised Standard Drinks logo on bottle labels. Information and tools

7. Ensure you comply with the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code. Information and tools

8. Use social media responsibly. Information and tools

In your business

9. Develop a workplace alcohol policy. Information and tools

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