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Pregnancy Initiative

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The National Health & Medial Research Council (NHMRC) advises that it is safest not to consume alcohol when pregnant. In support of this recommendation, WFA has called on all winemakers to adopt pregnancy warnings and broader consumer information messages on wine bottles and containers.


WFA has formed a partnership with DrinkWise that gives all wineries access to DrinkWise campaign material at no cost to them, whether or not they are direct funding contributors to either DrinkWise or WFA.  

The DrinkWise campaign is comprehensive, with label messages supported by point-of-sale and other material. Both WFA and DrinkWise recognise that while warning labels may increase awareness, in isolation they do not change behaviour.

The core campaign message encourages consumers to “Get the Facts” from the DrinkWise website. This message can be used on labels in tandem with the internationally recognised “pregnant lady” pictogram, which is considered preferable to a simple text message.

You may wish to simply give your label designer access to the material.


  • To access the DrinkWise logos and style guide register your company at You will receive a username and password by password. You may wish to simply pass this to your label designer.

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