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Responsible Service

Ensure all cellar door personnel are trained to serve alcohol responsibly and respond to consumer questions.


Formal Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training is compulsory but laws vary between states and territories. Some require anyone serving alcohol at a cellar door (staff, owners and volunteers) to be accredited, while others specify only selected personnel.

A responsible winery will commit to training for all who work at their cellar door, and will ensure that their training is up to date and appropriate. It is important that everyone involved understands their joint responsibility and is able to assist in any situation.

It also is important for cellar door staff to have a working knowledge of the key issues around wine and health, and be able to respond appropriately to (if not always answer) questions. Queries in relation to negative health impacts should never be simply dismissed or derided.


RSA training, including refresher courses, is available in each state and territory. Courses can be taken online, but some states also require a face-to-face component. It is important to check the requirements each time training is needed as they can and do change.

RSA training will usually include how to responsibly prepare and serve alcoholic drinks, appropriately refuse service, particularly to minors, and assist people who are affected by alcohol.

Wineries also should provide cellar door staff with information about wine and health and assist them to respond to visitor questions.


  • Click here to find information about RSA training in each state and territory.

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