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Social Media

Use social media responsibly.


Wine businesses using social media must be aware of their responsibilities. The Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (see Action 7) covers advertising or promotions contained on a website or in social media, but beyond this there are accepted practices for establishing an appropriate online presence. 


Social media is a difficult space to navigate. You could think about creating specific policies to ensure proper use of social media, implementing formal Standard Operating Procedures or seeking professional advice. 

There are a number of components to creating a responsible social media presence.

  • Ensure you comply with ABAC provisions
  • Have established processes and, where possible, designated staff for creating and checking your posts and comments
  • Include a Privacy and Acceptable UsePolicy on your social media platforms and use accepted means to restrict visitors under the age of 18
  • Set clear guidelines for staff that include rules relating to how your winery may be referred to in private social media activity.


  • WFA has written Social Media Guidelines to help you develop your own approach and protocols. You can read or download them here.

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