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Standard Drinks

standard drinkUse the recognised Standard Drinks logo on bottle labels.


All wine producers are required by the Food Standards Code to state the number of standard drinks contained in their bottle or any form of packaging on the labelling of that packaging. Traditionally this has been described using words (ie: “Contains Approx 7.5 Standard Drinks”), but government and industry have approved a graphical representation as an alternative.

WFA believes this should be the choice of all wineries. The well-recognised wine glass logo makes the standard drinks content more obvious to consumers and therefore increases their awareness of this important component of enjoying wine responsibly.  Companies that also carry the message “Enjoy wine in moderation” on their labels are encouraged to continue doing so.

When combined with pregnancy warning and DrinkWise messaging (see Action 5), this creates a significant body of consumer information on each bottle.


An adjustable high-resolution EPS version of the Standard Drinks logo can be customised according to the number of standard drinks in each bottle or package. It can be easily downloaded by your label designer or printer.


  • The adjustable logo and instructions for use can be downloaded from the WFA website here.  

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