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Tasting Experience

Provide a genuine tasting experience at the cellar door.


A cellar door visit should be a tasting experience, not a drinking experience. While it is difficult to dictate what visitors will do and how they will behave, most will appreciate the opportunity to taste wine in a professional way. 

In such a setting it is easier to highlight that your wine is best appreciated in moderation.


Most wineries already take a professional approach, and we are not suggesting otherwise. 

However there are a few simple steps that can be taken to ensure that a cellar door visit is seen as a tasting event, such as providing water and spittoons, and ideally non-alcoholic options.

Present the water in an attractive way in a prominent place and invite – even encourage – consumers to quench their thirst before tasting and cleanse their palate as they move between wines.

Similarly, either make spittoons visible or inform consumers that they are available and explain that their use is a normal part of a genuine tasting experience.

A demonstration and/or a few anecdotes can break the ice and encourage people to use a spittoon as part of their tasting experience.


  • WFA is currently developing a new Wine Tourism Toolkit, including cellar door advice and customer service information. For now, you can download a useful checklist here.

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